How to quickly lose 5 kg per week

How to lose 5 kg quickly in a week, because it is an important event soon, so you want to surprise those around you with a slender figure? Or: you have precisely calculated your ideal weight and set a goal - to lose at least 20 kilograms in a month. How to be? There is a way out!

effective weight loss of 5 pounds

There is no need for rigid express diets, a balanced weekly diet will be quite good.

So you can lose 5 kg in a comfortable home in a week without starvation and loss of strength. So what do you need to eat to lose weight in a week?

Weekly diet options

According to the principle of action, weekly diets are called emergency methods of express weight loss. Yes, you will have to limit yourself in food, but this is how your wish will come true: I want to lose excess fat in a week. Be sure to last 7 or 10 days.

to lose weight you need to eat less

Diet with lemonade and kefir

breakfast:drink homemade lemonade prepared according to the recipe: juice of two slices of lemon in a glass and add 250 ml of water. You can't put sugar and honey in it. Lemonade should be drunk half an hour before the expected breakfast. Eat a salad. The salad contains the following fruits: pear, orange, apple, tangerine. The salad is seasoned with yogurt. The fat content of the product (important point) should be minimal (not more than 2%).

dinner:eat fresh vegetables. Better in the form of a salad. All vegetables will serve, not potatoes. You can't salt. Season with lemon juice and olive oil. Serving is one medium plate. During the day (only before dinner), consume kefir (fat percentage not more than 2%).

dinner:have dinner at 6-19 p. m. The best options would be unsweetened tea (preferably green) and fruit salad.

A diet with lemonade and kefir will help you lose extra pounds in a few days. Remember that you are properly, and most importantly, gradually switching to a healthy diet.

Buckwheat diet

How to lose 5 kg a week, you ask on a buckwheat diet? Buckwheat is an ideal product for weight loss, perfectly cleanses the body and makes you feel full. Therefore, you will not feel hungry.

It is important to cook buckwheat properly. Wash the cereals well, remove the black grains. Fill with water. The calculation is as follows: for 1 faceted cup of buckwheat cereals need 2, 5 cups of water. This must be done in the evening. Leave overnight. The main thing is to cook for money, not to cook. You can't salt a dish. Neither sugar nor butter can be added.

Buckwheat should be eaten only during the day. To make the taste of buckwheat more pleasant, you can fill the dish with kefir. It is forbidden to eat bread.

It is only allowed to drink kefir during the day. Daily amount: 1, 5 liters.

The diet is effective for the task of losing weight by five kg per week, because the lowest result is minus five kg, and the highest is seven kg. If you easily survived the restrictions and the diet itself, then you can repeat it in a month. Be sure to eat only the allowed list of foods during the day.

Healthy diet

A healthy diet allows you to lose five kg a week and cleanse the body. The branch may be a little smaller, but it will certainly happen. The food option implies general recommendations, not a specific list of dishes.

You do not eat the following foods during the day:

  • Butter.The product is high in calories. It also contains cholesterol. It is better not to use it at all if you really want to lose weight. Many people cannot imagine breakfast without butter. Rebuild. You don't have to add it to cereals, mashed potatoes and spread it on bread. Cook dishes in milk (only the fat content in the product should be low. ) Just put a piece of cheese or meat on the bread;
  • Mayonnaise. . .The product is rich in calories and cholesterol;
  • Sugar.The product has no benefits, but it has a lot of calories. Therefore, do not eat it during the day, do not add it to cereals, tea and do not drink sugary drinks;
  • Sol.The product makes the dishes much tastier. Because of that, many people overeat and no matter how hard they try, they can't lose weight in 10 days;
  • Fatty meat.Includes all varieties except chicken and rabbit. Eat boiled or roasted poultry. The most non-caloric part is the breasts. Remove the skin and remove visible fat. Eat meat for 7 days (just don't fry it). The question of how to lose 5 kg quickly will soon be resolved;
  • Sweets(cookies, chocolate, pastries, cakes, sweets) - fast carbohydrates will never satiate you, but only whet your appetite. These foods contribute to the appearance of fat on your hips;
  • Bread(buns also fall into this category). You can really lose 5-10 kg. Eliminate white bread. Eat black. You can also eat bread. They have 14 kcal and a high fiber content. In the body, crispy bread will help the carbohydrates to be slowly absorbed and will give satiety. The desire to "want to eat" will not bother you.
vegetables help you lose weight

What to eat, you ask? Here is a list of basic foods for 7 or 10 days:

  • Vegetables.Eat them raw. This is a very tasty and healthy recipe: chop or finely chop carrot and white cabbage. Add green peas to the vegetables. Season everything with oil (vegetable or olive). In the absence of fresh vegetables, buy frozen. It will make a low-calorie, tasty and nutritious stew. Keep the amount of vegetables during the day to the maximum;
  • Fruits.It is better to eat fruit only in the morning;
  • Fish(other seafood). The fish can be cooked, baked and steamed;
  • Porridge.The best source of slow carbs. Boil the porridge completely in water or dilute with milk. Oatmeal and buckwheat porridges are the most useful.

A healthy diet allows you to eat everything without counting calories. This type of food, although called a diet, is not a diet.

On a healthy diet you will not get rid of water and subcutaneous fat, but you can actually lose weight, and without strict diets.

How to lose 5 kg on a healthy diet option? Only. Strictly adhere to:

  • Number of meals - 5;
  • Hours between meals: 2, 5-3;
  • Serving at once - 200 g;
  • Be sure to drink. Water removes toxins. Therefore, you will soon surely lose 5 to 10 kg of excess fat;
  • Don't nibble. Eat 5 times without snacks;
  • If you can't stand it until the meal, eat fruits, vegetables or drink a glass of fermented milk (kefir);
  • Cookies, rolls, sandwiches are strictly forbidden;
  • Eat dairy products, vegetables, meat and fruits throughout the day.

Proper nutrition for a month

How to lose 5 pounds a week, people are thinking and preparing for radical measures to lose extra pounds, they want to lose them as soon as possible: in 5 or 10 days.Doctors and nutritionists unanimously say that the optimal period for weight loss is 5-10 kg a month.

There are several diet options for a month, but the best diet is the right one, which lasts exactly 30 days.

the right weight loss diet for 5 pounds

The diet obliges you to follow the rules:

  1. Keeping a diary (recommended with all children). It is important to record all your actions during any diet: the name of the meal, the number of calories, the presence or absence of sports, meal time, weight, etc. So you can find out and analyze what results the diet has given;
  2. Control weight;
  3. Do not starve;
  4. Strictly adhere to the regime;
  5. Be sure to have breakfast;
  6. Eat real food;
  7. Eliminate the damage.

How to lose 5 kg in a month without damaging your health? Only with the help of a proper diet, which contains all the necessary elements of a healthy diet.

Every day, 30 days in a row, you should eat:

  • For breakfast:a glass of kefir and 0, 5 bananas or a glass of milk and muesli. After breakfast, you are allowed to eat sweet fruit;
  • For lunch(2 hours after the first) eat your choice: berries, dried fruits, buckwheat (a little), apples and drink grapefruit juice. Recommendation: eat only one type of food;
  • For lunch:Eat whole grain bread (a few slices), cooked meat (slices) and fresh salad. Season the salad with oil or simply season with lemon. During the 30 days of the diet, in addition to whole grains, you can also eat soft bread;
  • For dinner you can eat:various fresh salads, boiled (or steamed) fish, boiled rice, cottage cheese, buckwheat, boiled or stewed vegetables, chicken. Moderate portion;
  • For the second dinner:a glass of low-fat yogurt or kefir, oatmeal cookies, one type of dried fruit, a green apple.

As you can see, it is possible to lose 5 or 10 kg by revising your diet and losing weight without complicated diets. Rapid weight loss in 5 or 10 days is not worth it, as a bonus you can get gastritis. The best option for weight loss for 5 kg per month. Non-extreme result can be more - up to 10 kg.

Diet after weight loss

diet rules after weight loss

A well-known fact: after losing weight by express methods, the weight returns very quickly, and sometimes with interest.To consolidate the results of weight loss and keep the weight normal, returning to a normal diet, it is important to adjust the daily diet. and don’t forget to exercise regularly - at least exercise in the morning.

  • Pay attention to the time interval between the last meal and sleep. There must be a break of at least four hours;
  • Do not eat the following foods: canned foods, carbonated beverages, fatty and sweet foods, flour, semi-finished products, chips and fast food;
  • Weigh yourself. It is advisable to do the control in the morning. If you do everything right, then the arrow on the scales will show less and less every morning. And this is an incentive;
  • Learn to distinguish between mental hunger (impulses from the brain) and physiological hunger (impulses from the stomach);
  • Drink water (at least two liters);
  • Reduce the portion;
  • Drink vitamins;
  • Chew slowly.

Healthy eating rules have long been in vogue. Try to stick to them your whole life. The question of how to lose 5 kg will be closed forever.