Effective fasting days for weight loss: proven options

Nowadays there are many tools for weight loss. Often is a complex long-term diets, which involve severe restrictions. Therefore, they do not give good results, people are frustrated, and have to start over again. Those who do not want to suffer, resort to so-called fasting days. They are easy to maintain, and in addition, they make it easier to stay in shape. There are many variations. In any case, you need to choose the most effective cleanse for weight loss in your case and stick well.

The best fasting days for weight loss: what is it

fasting days

Effective fasting days involve eating only a certain set of products. Typically, the daily menu consists of one or two components that are light for the body. Hunger strike they are not, because starvation can only be considered as a complete lack of food. The best fasting days for weight loss useful the following:

  • Help to fight obesity, especially in periods known as a plateau, when in a certain period weight stops on a number and stop the decline.
  • Help cleanse the body in removal of toxins and impurities.
  • Give your body a rest from having to digest a lot of different foods.
  • Give the opportunity to exercise willpower, but in spite of that sustain them is quite simple.

When the desired unloading

Many can not imagine, why do we need fasting days when they are best practice. For this there are objective reasons, let us look at them in more detail.

  • After various family or corporate celebrations, when people are very much eating for one or several days.
  • As a lock or closure following a long, fairly strict diet.
  • For the prevention of overweight.

Suitable such fasting days also by the physician in the presence of certain diseases, such as cholecystitis, cirrhosis and other diseases. Moreover, if medical recommendations are not, then select unloading on your own taste. That is, we must rely only on their own preferences. If you don't like yogurt, it is best to choose buckwheat or fish, as if horrified by her smell, then give the superiority of apples. The latter option, and kefir, are considered the most effective.

Best cleanse for weight loss: what to choose

The question of what kind of discharge day the most effective be more determined by the personal preferences of the person as on the effectiveness of the options is about the same. However, they can vary greatly by how they just survive. It is usually difficult to last the entire day purely on liquid or low-calorie vegetables. But the protein days or purees can be more simple.

Often experts insist that the best fasting day is supposed to unite two groups of products of the same type. As for the most popular components for fasting days, then this is the yogurt, cottage cheese, apples, lean meat, cereals. A lot of options, but we consider the most popular and consequently best fasting days in terms of effectiveness, including kefir, Apple and protein unloading.

Fasting day on kefir

Many believe that the most effective fasting day is a day on yogurt. This option gets many good reviews because kefir unloading safe and effective. Plus it helps not only to lose a few extra pounds but efficiently cleanse the body. The advantage of this method is that it allows the body to tune in to the dumping pounds without severe stress.

The reason that many believe that kefir day is the best cleanse for weight loss is product use. Once in the gastrointestinal tract, it acts like a broom, removing all waste products, toxins, relieving the intestines the severity appears due to regular consumption of junk food. You can do this one day unloading times of 2-3 weeks. This is enough for the body get rid of extra pounds and was always in shape and tone.

Unloading with the use of this product may be different: it combines with other dairy products, fruits, vegetables, cereals. But we consider the classical variant, which is based only on yogurt.

Rules of conduct

Having defined what fasting is effective for weight loss, get about one and a half liters of product. Experts advise in advance to prepare the body for unloading, having had supper on the eve of the most easily.

The options of yogurt you can use different as low fat pure drink, and with fruit filling. You can combine different types. Then unloading will be easier. The scheme of the fasting day implies the following menu:

  • About 9 in the morning drink a glass of fat-free yogurt;
  • 12 day drink a glass of organic kefir.
  • 15 hours – treat yourself to a glass of fruit yogurt.
  • 18.00 – enjoy a glass of organic kefir.
  • 21.00 – let your evening meal will be a glass of skim kefir.
  • Before bedtime can drink a glass of kefir of any kind.

Daily menu will include about 1.5 liters of yogurt. It is necessary to clearly survive this day exclusively to fermented milk drink, avoiding temptations to eat. Therefore it is better to choose for unloading of the day, which will be very intense in emotional or physical terms.

Despite the fact that unloading will be drinking, you will still feel thirsty, so you can drink pure water in unlimited quantities. It should be no gas and no additives. Adhere to these offloads it is possible not all. Stands out among the contraindications intolerance to dairy, gastritis, ulcer, pregnancy and lactation. In this unloading, you can lose up to 800 grams of excess fat.

On apples

menus for weight loss

Effective fasting days for weight loss Apple. Apple is one of the most beneficial fruits. Regular use helps to increase the number of beneficial bacteria in the gut that prevent the processes of decay and improve the digestion of food. Already this is considered an excellent prevention of excess weight, so the question about what is better to do a cleanse, many people prefer it to Apple.

Apples help to strengthen the immune system, relieve digestive problems, normalize cholesterol levels, an antitumor effect. In addition, this prevention of hypertension, atherosclerosis, way to improve metabolism. This option is especially useful for those that suffer from chronic heart problems, liver, kidneys, muscles and joints. Unloading Apple day will help you to lose up to four pounds.

Rules of conduct

Apples for the handling of the day can be supplemented by other components. But in the classic version of the daily menu will include only these fruits up to two pounds, as well as water and green tea.

  • Apples is best to choose unsweetened and divided them into six parts that need to be consumed within a day with an interval of about three hours.
  • You can diversify your detox, using part of the apples baked in the form – this dessert is very tasty and healthy.
  • Use caution with stomach ulcers or gastritis with high acidity. In this case, you will have to forget about the sour varieties of apples. Also contraindicated such fasting days if you are hypersensitive product with kidney diseases, liver in the acute stages.

Even in the absence of contraindications experts do not advise to resort to this method more often than once a week. The optimal frequency – once every 10 days. During pregnancy and lactation to experiment with weight loss is also undesirable.

Protein for weight loss

Choosing which cleanse best fit in your case, you can pay attention to protein choices. Proteins have the ability to saturate, allow to forget about the hunger. For their digestion, the body spends a lot of energy, due to that there is weight loss. This offloading helps the body to speed up metabolism. Protein foods saturated with beneficial trace elements. The protein is a necessary substance for those who lose weight, as it helps to preserve muscle mass by burning fat, not muscle.

Rules of conduct

The most popular components, which are the best days of the fasting day on protein– cheese or boiled chicken.

  • If we are talking about unloading the bottom on the cheese, you need to take a pound of low-fat cottage cheese and divide it into five meals. Allowed to drink curd unsweetened tea. You cannot add sugar or honey. There is also the option of unloading, where each cheese is recommended to drink a glass of yogurt.
  • Diet to boiled chicken – a very useful option, since it refers to products that go exclusively to the muscles. Boil 350 grams of meat, divide it into four parts. You are allowed to eat meat with a small amount of greenery.

Also take into account existing contraindications. Such fasting days is not recommended to arrange for those who suffer from diseases of the heart, blood vessels, liver and kidneys. It is also important to cleanse the body by a similar method to pregnant women, lactating women.

On buckwheat

Such a "starvation" diet is considered by nutritionists one of the most acceptable. It helps to efficiently clean the body, because it contained the rump fat. Coarse fiber good job of absorbing various toxins. However, you need to be very careful if you combine kefir days with buckwheat. This combination is a laxative, therefore, to carry out something like that is better on the weekends.

Rules of conduct

Prepare for that day will have the night previous.

  • Take one glass of whole buckwheat and pour two cups of hot water. It will be harvesting cereals for the whole day.
  • In the morning you can add the slurry a little salt and even a tiny piece (0.5-1 teaspoon of oil.
  • Divide the entire received amount of buckwheat into 5-8 parts depending on how many meals you have planned.

To facilitate the task, that is, to hold, not to break, you can consume additional nonfat yogurt, mineral water, herbal and green tea without impurities and additives. It is believed that the buckwheat will be able to lose at least half of a kilogram of excess weight per day.

The "fat" days

In some diseases of the liver, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract, as well as just for weight loss, nutritionists recommend sometimes rather odd fasting days. They are called fat. There are several varieties.

  • Sour cream. For these husks need to take half a liter of sour cream a small of fat, divided into five or six meals and eat evenly throughout the day.
  • Creamy. In this case, you need to take .6 of a kilogram of cream and do just as well as in the first embodiment.

Please note that these days will be very stressful for the body. So without the recommendation of the doctor it is better not to spend at all.


Many are not even aware that it is possible to spend the fasting day, while consuming poultry meat. Contrary to misconceptions, these days the situation of the most effective weight loss and safe for the body. After all, proteins will not allow the body to break down muscle.

Rules of conduct


Before this fast day to prepare better. It is best for one to three days to give up all the fatty, spicy, marinated, smoked and other junk food. Eliminate alcohol, fast food, sweets, all this will only benefit.

  • One serving of the food must consist of no more than 150 grams of boiled chicken or steamed.
  • Between Breakfast, lunch and dinner should be a period of not less than four or five hours.
  • For such a discharge is suitable not only chicken, Turkey, but also rabbit, veal. The only exception will be pork.

Do not forget about drinking regime, you need to drink a lot and often. It is acceptable to drink herbal or green tea. As a result of this fasting day you can lose at least a pound of adipose tissue.


As the previous fasting day can work fish melons. The rules are exactly the same as in the case of meat, so it is not necessary to repeat them several times. The only difference is the weight of the fish. It is optimal to choose exactly 600 grams, and then consume them during the day for one-sixth part. You can take hake, perch, pike, cod, bream and other not very fatty fish.